Spiritual Services

Mount Airy serves the congregation and community in a holistic manner. This attention to the mind, body and spirit of all we serve has always been a leading influence throughout our history. Therefore, the Ministerial services exemplifies the strong commitment of the Pastor and associate ministers to care for the spiritual needs of its members and their families.

If there are other spiritual services you feel should be included in the section, please contact the pastor's secretary at 202.789.0640.

Baby Dedication
Baby dedication is a service created for the purpose of giving parents the opportunity to publicly affirm their desire to raise their children in Christ and to celebrate that decision with family and friends. We beleive that baptism should take place after one has made a personal choice to accept Jesus Christ as his or her Savior. Therefore, this service is not an infant baptism. This service takes place during regular service times and is open to both regular atenders and members. Those interested should attend a one time class prior to the dedication service. We ask that children be dedicated before they become toddlers.  For more information about baby dedication such as dates and times, please contact the Church Office at 202.789.0640.

When a person decides to be baptized they will normally have a period of preparation, during which the church (usually in the person of the pastor) will help them understand more about the Christian faith and the meaning of baptism (Matt. 28:19). This usually takes place in the weeks before baptism. 

A baptism in our church is always performed by full immersion in a baptismal pool located at the front of the church, with steps going down into it. Before the baptismal service, the pool is uncovered and it filled with warm water. The worship in song is accompanied by our talented musicians and choir. Normally the service is led by our Senior Pastor.

Communion is the sacred observance of our Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary for the remission of sins and the redemption & reconciliation of humankind to God. We not only commemorate His death, but we also celebrate our discipleship to Him. At Mount Airy, we conduct Communion every 1st Sunday of each month following the 7:30 am and 10:45 am worship service. Every first Saturday, our Deacons ministry visits the incapacitated members of the church to serve communion.

​​​​​​​Praise Team
Every month several ministries are assigned to lead the Friday night Praise & Worship services. This team of individuals responsible for leading the members in giving their testimonies, singing music that line up with the word of God to bring God glory and praise to HIS name. Refer to the weekly church bulletin for specific ministry assignments. Come out and join us in an evening of prayer, worship and studying the word of God.