General Business

 The Mount Airy Baptist Church office serves as the central point of contact for all church daily operations, member services and information. Our church office plays a unique role in the life of Mount Airy, by carrying out its business functions while often serving as a gathering place for church members to interact socially. Our goal is to create and manage an office that accomplishes the overall purpose of serving God and his people well.

Church Office hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (we observe all federal government holidays).  If there are other business resources you would like included in the section, please contact the Church Office at 202.789.0640.

Facilities Use                                                            ► Ordering Tithes & Offering Envelopes
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Funeral Arrangements                                              ► Transportation
Mailbox & Postal Services                                         ►  Weddings

Submitting Announcements
Our church bulletin is used as source for publicizing events and important Church  information. The bulletin is available to members and visitors when they arrive for worship service. Click here to put an announcement in the bulletin.  The deadline for all submissions is Wednesdays 12 noon.  Go Top

Ordering Tithes & Offering Envelopes
We design and print church offering envelopes for our membership and visitors. Each envelope is affixed with member name and number including the various tithes and offerings categories. The Church Clerk will provide you with a sufficient number of Tithes and Offering envelopes to suffice for the remainder of the year. Click here to submit your request for a new supply of envelopes.   Go Top

Mailbox & Postal Services
ount Airy provides a mailbox assignment for each ministry receiving postal mail and package deliveries. Items can be be picked up in the Church Office during regular business hours, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM., Monday through Friday. Ministries expecting to receive package delieveries should notify the Church Office in advance of the delivery. All receipt of ministry faxes will be filed in the appropriate ministry mailbox, the church secretary will contact the ministry leader when a fax is received.   Go Top

Do you need transportation? Mount Airy provides free transportation to and from our worship services, special events and activities through our Transportation Ministry. Our large group capacity vans, buses and experienced staff can help you plan comfort and convenience for your ministry and personal needs.   Go Top

Facilities Use
Mount Airy strives to be an active part of the Ward 6 and Northwest One community and welcomes inquiries about use of our facilities.

Below are general guidelines for using Mount Airy facilities. Please contact the Trustee Ministry or call 202.789.0640 for further information and to make reservations.

Mount Airy is handicapped accessible. The accessible entrance is located at the front of the C. M. Long building on North Capitol Street NW. Inside there is elevator access to all floors (except the third floor balcony) and accessible restrooms. Please contact the Trustee Ministry at 202.789.0640 for specific fees and cost.

There are six areas in the church that are available for community use:
  • The sanctuary (with amplification and seating for 1200)
  • The chapel (with amplification and seating for 100)
  • Fellowship Hall (Courtyard) on the first floor, (for up to 150 people, includes kitchen facilities)
  • Two small conference rooms (first accommodates up to 12 person, second up to 50 people with 32″ TV and DVD player) located on the second level
  • The Lower Auditorium (with amplification and seating for 250)   Go Top

Family Life
At Mount Airy we focus on the discipleship of each member of the family, which meets their unique emotional, physical, relational and spiritual growth needs, and which moves them toward a life of faith together in their marriage, family life, and in their witness in the church and community. Family Life Ministry is designed to build marriages and families toward God’s design and the definition and instruction in His Word, and toward a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ that makes Him the Lord of marriage and family life every day for the Glory of God. Contact the Deacons Ministry leader for your Family Life Ministry designee at 202.789.0640.   Go Top

The wedding ceremony is a sacred service of the Christian Church. The first priority of this service is to be God-honoring. Because Mount Airy recognizes God’s role as creator, redeemer and sustainer and realizes the permanent significance of commitment in the vows to God, the wedding ceremony is planned as a service of worship.

The church expects that a couple married within the walls of Mount Airy believes in God. Furthermore, the church desires that God be the authority guiding their lives, now to be united in holy matrimony.

Every effort will be made to protect the theology of the wedding and its significant relationship to God. Secular celebrations such as musical selections or military exercises will be appropriate at the wedding reception, but will not be a part of the wedding service in the Sanctuary or Thomas Bain Chapel.

Mount Airy Baptist Church and its staff wish to extend every possible courtesy. Several procedures have been established regarding the use of the facility. For more information: contact Wedding Coordinator at 202.789.0640.

Click here for wedding policies, procedures & fees. Keep in mind prices and policies may change without notice.  Please confirm all details with the Mount Airy Wedding coordinator.   Go Top

Funeral Arrangements
A funeral is a sacred occasion. However, the death of a loved one is often the most painful and challenging that anyone can go through. Mount Airy Baptist Church (MABC) ministerial and lay staff wants to minister to your family and friends during these difficult days. The following information has been prepared to assist in the planning of a service that will honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as the person whose life is being celebrated. This information is our way of helping you know what Mount Airy can do to assist you during this time. We will provide comfort, direction and support from the initial death notification through the funeral service and after care if needed. Please contact the Church Clerk at 202.789.0640 to make arrangements and additional information.

Our prayer is that the information below will stimulate your thinking and assist you in preparing for your loved one’s home-going celebration service. The death of a loved can leave the survivors, lost and alone, or just unsure of ….

  •  Who to contact
  •  What to do and how
  •  How to make the funeral arrangements
  •  What to do after the funeral

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