Business Meetings

Mount Airy holds regular face-to-face group business meetings to share ideas and express different thoughts and ensure administrative and financial transparency of all activities conducted by the Pastor, church officers, and ministry leaders.   We believe it is important that the congregation is kept aware of the various activities to maintain stability and reliability in the church membership.

If there are other business meetings you would like included in the section, please contact the Church Office at 202.789.0640.

Church Conference
Mount Airy conducts quarterly church meetings for all members in good standing. These meetings are scheduled at 10:00 AM on the third Saturday in the months of January, April, July and October. In this meeting, all ministry leaders provide to the congregation verbal and written reports of their future and past activities. Meetings are moderated by the Pastor or the Deacons ministry leader in the absence of the pastor.

Solwmn Assembly
The Mount Airy Solemn Assembly meeting is a monthly gathering scheduled on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 am for all ministry leaders to share, discuss and submit a written overview of upcoming plans of their ministry. The meeting is typically led by the Pastor or the Deacons ministry leader during the absence of the pastor. Each ministry leader is called to stand and share their plans for upcoming projects, events or activities. Although sometimes confused, this meeting is not intended to serve as a platform for updates of past ministry projects and events.