Health Education Ministry

Statement of Purpose: The Health Education Ministry serves as a vital link to the community and our current church members. This Ministry enables us to bring unchurched people into God’s house through a “safe” portal of common interests in health and fitness. This Ministry also serves our followers of Jesus Christ by bringing them to better health & fitness and providing healthy recreational opportunities that will help each person to better serve God. Thus, we have a commitment to bring people to know Jesus Christ, or strengthen their relationship with Him, through the common interests and safe portal of the health and fitness programs. 
Mission Statement: To provide health facts and resources for the edification of the church, which is the temple of God. Information will also be made available to the community so that all will be able to benefit from healthy living. This ministry seeks to nourish all who are able to mentally, physically and spiritually be a beacon of light and healing, modeling healthy, holistic behaviors to the world.
Meeting Schedule: Every 5th Sunday.
Robin Kelley, Ph.D., Ministry Leader