Deacons Ministry

Statement of Purpose: Deacons minister to the congregation as the Pastor's representatives in matters that will further the spiritual welfare of individual members, including the sick and shut-in, corporate body and the community.This is done by supporting God inspired vision, visiting and communing those who are home bound, and administering the ordinances of the Church. As Deacons, they are passionate to develop a more Christ-like congregation and are committed to the standard of ministry proclaimed by the written and preached Word of God.
Mission Statement: To serve the Church and its members; to assist the Pastor where ever needed; visit the sick members taking them communion once a month; and fulfill the mission of the Church that is determined to demonstrate love for God and service.
Goals and Objectives: Our goal is to have every Deacon prepared to lead any worship service, prayer meeting, business meeting, and to know the Articles of Faith, even preach a sermon if no preacher is available.
Meeting Schedule: 1st Tuesday every month at 7:00 PM.
Terry Nixon, Ministry Leader