Counseling Ministry (Pastoral Care & Counseling Center)

Statement of Purpose: The Pastoral Care & Counseling Ministry offer services to members and friends of the Mount Airy Baptist Church as well as residents of the Washington, D.C.metropolitan area.  The services are religious, psychological, vocational, sociological, and/or educational in nature and include:
Psychological/Counseling Services
-- Individual, Family, Couples & Group Counseling
-- Crisis & Anger Management/Post Traumatic Stress
-- Psychological, Educational, Vocational Evaluation
-- Christian Counseling
-- Stress Management
-- Single Parenting
-- Boundaries
Mission Statement: To be innovative in its purpose, and its purpose is to "heal the hurting". through spiritual and relational education, cognitive redirection, coping skills, and emotional management that enable clients to work through the contradictions between wholeness and dysfunctional behavior. Empowerment through the grace of God to make rational and healthy life choices for a more abundant life. 
Meeting Schedule: TBA.


Phyllis J. Mayo, Ph.D., Ministry Leader