A Message from the Finance Ministry

By Finance Ministry |  April 8, 2020

To our Mount Airy Family:

Many have asked how to submit your tithes and offerings while the church is temporarily closed. You can still send via mail through the US Postal Service to the church address; attention Finance, or you can utilize the MABC Online Giving Platform which is operational. Please use the PayPal link at http://www.mountairybaptist.org. Click on the tithes and offerings link http://www.mountairybaptist.org/about/tithes--offerings.html. Follow the instructions, scroll down the page and click on the Donate button. For more information, contact Jacqueline Smith at jafsmith218@gmail.com or call the church office 202.789.0640. 

Jacqueline Smith at jafsmith218@gmail.com.

Giving Category Giving Code
Tithes 1
Offering 2
Foreign Mission 3
Home Mission 4
Church School 5
Stewardship 6
Special Donation 7
Revival 8
Anniversary 9
Other 10