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plz read

 posted by: my testimony on 11/3/2015

I am witness to seeing two identical images of Jesus Christ. Image of beast appears as image of Christ in worship buildings Dan 8:10-11;Is14:13-14;2Thess2:4;Matt 24:15;Rev 17:8;Matt24:24;Matt 7:22;Rev 18:22-24. I have testimony on video "Christ testimony of the churches around the world" All churches around world connected to mother church in Rome Rev 17:5;Dan7:23. 1st centuryAD roman catholic church change Torah Is 9:5 to Is 9:6 and Mary's conception into fable. this... Read More


 posted by: Minas on 9/28/2015

Hello, I applied to do a Master degree in Law, the admission is really difficult. I need your prayers for me to be accepted. God bless you. Thank you Minas Read More

My Brother-in-law

 posted by: A Family in Distress on 9/23/2015

My wife and I recently received a phone call from her brother (Michael D.) indicating he had a growth on his liver. Ironically, Michael rarely communicated with the family and this was first time we had heard from him in several months. Following more research, it turns out Michael is jaundice, his liver is no longer functioning and the usual treatment would be ineffective based on his current condition. According to Michael’s best friend, the problem is much worse than previously... Read More

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